Special Notice
June 2021

Healing Services

There has been a lot of changes, challenges and curveballs since 2020 and I genuinely wish everyone reading this, lots of love and light today, tomorrow and into the future.

I am no longer offering bodywork services, so massage and Shiatsu is off the table for the foreseeable future.

However, all is not lost , I have continued to expand on my Tarot, Oracle and channelled readings and distance healings for people , available now, and very soon I will also be offering  commissioned art work and other modalities.

I want to thank everyone who has experienced and supported my bodywork services over the last 4 years in Wellington, and I can continue to help you re-align your energy through  Distance Healing; this is a combined synergy of energy, intention and metaphysical transmission of healing through the ether...it really does work.

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About Me

I have spent my life researching, experiencing and applying the esoteric and healing arts to myself, first and foremost and then to others. In adulthood and through the trials and tribulations of my own life ,and studying Natural Therapies is when I started to really understand and accept my abilities and the so called 'hidden realm' of subtle energies that affect us all.

Part of my life purpose is to help others navigate this life through my visions and understanding of their own unique energy and circumstances, and that of those around them. It is my belief that we all have this gift and it only needs to be acknowledged ,accepted and nurtured as to how powerful the human species really is, on a Galactic level.

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Clairvoyant Readings Online or Telephone

I have always known 'things' about people and situations growing up. I get messages through, feelings, voices, sounds, visions and smells or physical symptoms in my body. I use a selection of cards as a tool to compliment what I am given to pass on to my clients. Many people have benefited from these messages during  past bodywork sessions with me. Full and mini readings available online and over the telephone.

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Distance Healing

"Energy can not be created or destroyed,  it can only be changed from one form to another", Albert Einstein. 

I will work on your holographic body from a distance, sending specific healing energies through to you at a agreed specified time. This is the future of medicine and healing and it has always been here.


Commissioned Art Work

The above image is a behind the scenes phot capture for a recycled one off glass hanging. I work with Copper, recycled glass, crystals and acrylic paintings. All artwork is imbued with healing and protective frequencies. More images and details coming in the near future. Contact me with any questions.

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Bach Flower Remedy Consultation

The Bach Flower Remedies are a tool for transformation that can assist in creating change and moving forward in one’s life. They can help to heal old wounds and to assist with new ways of being. The remedies can facilitate a strengthening of one’s ability to move more easily in the world, to have healthier relationships, and to experience greater joy and ease of well-being.

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The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.

Albert Einstein

Image by Hannes Richter

Hi Sonia, great tarot reading you gave me Your so inspiring and love the way you're able to use several decks together when doing the readings. It helped me make sum very important decision in my life an gave me faith that everything will work out fine. An cleared up a lot of turmoil that was going on for me. Thanks so much.

Tania - April 2021

Healing bodywork Reviews

I am not currently doing bodywork but here is some feedback from my healing abilities that will be applied to current services.

I experienced the 90min shiatsu pressure point massage from Sonia. I had frequent visits over the last 2 years to regular massage proprietors tryin but not suceeding in clearing a pain down my back eg trapz area due to sport use. Maracrulariously after one session i felt no more pain Sonia worked wid my meridian zones through pressure points to lift away the pain...I wished someone suggested SHIATSU to me earlier I so endorse Sonias experience, professionalism and calming studio the Budda has been very kind to allow me to feel light again.


A soothing and transformative holistic massage. Very beneficial, would recommend to anyone.

Bianca , Kapiti Coast

A gift from my daughter. I recommend Sonia as being a highly skilled, compassionate therapist and person. I have benefited from having treatments from her.

Diane, Lower Hutt

I have had a few massages from Sonia now, and  I find them to be very beneficial on all levels .  While Sonia blends her natural approach with her intuitive gifts, releasing occurs in the  physical body in a gentle way. This is all done in a supportive and safe environment. I have recommended her often.

Aryana, Johnsonville